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Pantaenius Insurance Package Oyster World Rally 2017/2019

March 20, 2015



Pantaenius has a long history of co-operation with Oyster Marine Ltd and individual Oyster Owners, and is pleased to support them with bespoke initiatives, as well as sponsoring major Oyster events.

For the 2017/2019 Oyster World Rally we have worked closely with the Oyster event organisers to create a portfolio of insurance products to meet participants’ needs.

Not only is Pantaenius able to provide Hull & Third Party Liability insurance throughout the entire Rally, we are also able to provide a Rally Travel Insurance scheme, specifically for rally participation. The Rally Travel Insurance can be taken out even if your yacht is insured elsewhere.

For further information please click on the brochure below.



We have given a lot of thought to your needs when participating in a major yacht rally, but as with any contract of insurance, there will be exclusions and limitations in cover. Please therefore refer to the Policy Summary and Terms and Conditions for full details.

To proceed, please complete and return the Rally Travel Application Form (Owner) and if appropriate, Additional Insured Application Form.


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