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Pantaenius - Claims with a Difference

The true test of any insurance policy is in the handling of a claim; does the insurer prevaricate, unnecessarily delay settlement or seek to avoid the claim altogether by using some small print in the policy conditions?

Pantaenius has been arranging insurance for yachts, and resolving their claims, around the world for more than 30 years and has, during that time, built up a formidable network of agents, surveyors and repairers. No matter where you are in the world, if the situation demands it, we will quickly get someone to you.

We continually receive the thanks of those clients who were unfortunate enough to be involved in a claim incident but who were fortunate enough to be insured by Pantaenius. A small selection of those who ‘Discovered the Difference’ is shown below.

Sir Anthony Greener
“I hope we are at the end of a very long road and I would like to thank you and Pantaenius for your outstanding service and support. It has been an exemplary (and very unusual) experience for a client.”

Mr. David Evans
“Why would I ever try to buy the cheapest insurance? I now have a self-satisfied glow that I made the right decision by buying the BEST insurance. This was brought about by listening to a friend who had a claim with yourselves. His claim was equally well handled by Pantaenius and that experience persuaded me that what I needed was the best, not the cheapest!”

Dr. H. Chadwick
“I would like to thank Pantaenius and especially yourself for the way in which you have dealt with things, as losing one’s boat, especially in such dangerous circumstances is quite a traumatic event. I was very grateful for both the immediate help and advice that I received and the subsequent help with managing the situation and the rapid settlement of the insurance issues.”

Mr. Dave Leaning
“Thanks for all your help throughout this claim, one reads all sorts of insurance horror stories in the yachting press but I don’t think I could possibly have received any better service. It made a difficult process painless.”

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