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Solutions For Owners of Yachts and Motor Boats

Our insurance solutions for yacht and motor boat owners include cover for

  • Your yacht and associated property and your legal liabilities as an owner
  • Personal Accident cover for you and your guests/unpaid crew
  • Medical Expenses insurances

Your yacht and associated property and your legal liabilities as an owner

Pantaenius offers an All Risk cover for your yacht’s hull and machinery, gear and equipment, tenders and outboards and other personal watercraft used in connection with the yacht. Additional benefits of this cover include:

  • Cover for damage as a direct result of a part failing due to wear and tear; latent defect; corrosion of any kind or rot is included as standard, only the cost of repairing or replacing the failed part is excluded.
  • The option to “buy-back” full New for Old settlement of your claim.
  • A wide range of “deductible-free” claims.
  • A set level of benefit for emergency towing and assistance, and emergency accommodation, depending on the overall sum insured.
  • Cover for damage to engines up to five years old, caused by failure of any component, including latent defect and faulty construction (provided it does not result from misuse!)
  • Personal Effects included for up to £2,500 premium-free, or for higher sums by agreement.
  • Trailer and cradles include for up to £1,500 premium-free, or for higher sums by agreement.

Your legal liabilities as an owner are comprehensively covered by Pantaenius, and the policy extends to cover the liabilities of anyone else on board your yacht with your permission as a guest or as your unpaid crew. This means each of you is covered for accidents arising out your negligence which result in injury to each other, or any other party, or damage to someone else’s yacht or other property. Benefits of this section include:

  • All Third Party Claims are “deductible-free”
  • Cover for watersports, including liability to those participating, and their liability to anyone else in the water.
  • Cover for Scuba-diving, unless not properly supervised or equipment is not serviceable.
  • Cover for water pollution.
  • Uninsured Boater cover.
  • An extension to cover your liabilities, as a personal owner, when you are using a borrowed or chartered yacht.

Pantaenius also offers cover for War, Strikes and Political Acts. This is increasingly important in our increasingly troubled times, as it covers damage to your yacht resulting from riots and civil unrest.

Download the Pantaenius UK All Risks Policy Summary

Download the Pantaenius UK All Risks Yacht Insurance Terms and Conditions

Legal Expenses Insurance is provided for Pantaenius by ARC Legal Limited. This product will support you in the event of any legal dispute relating to your boat ownership by providing you with legal support to pursue someone who has damaged your yacht, caused you injury, or sold you faulty goods or services.

Download ARC Leaflet

Personal Accident cover for you and your guests/unpaid crew

At Pantaenius we believe in doing things properly, so rather than automatically include a small amount for Personal Accident in our main product for your yacht, we offer a separate, low-cost solution providing comprehensive cover for death or disability which results from an accident on board, or while using your yacht, including trips ashore for up to 48 hours. Cover under the policy includes:

  • A level of benefit selected by you, to cover yourself and anyone using your yacht with you (this sum is divided by the number of users at the time of any accident).
  • A scale of benefits depending on the severity of disability, up to the sum insured.
  • Pre-existing conditions do not result in excluded claims, but are taken into account when calculating the extent of disability resulting from the accident.
  • Emergency medical expenses are included up to £40,000 within Europe, or £80,000 outside Europe.
  • Up to £8,000 towards cosmetic surgery when required following treatment for an accident.
  • Up to £8,000 towards getting your yacht home if the skipper is hospitalized abroad.

Download Personal Accident Insurance summary and conditions

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