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Crew Medical Expenses Insurance

There are two medical expenses products available to cover your paid crew, the Premier Plan and the Basic Plan.

Crew Premier Plan

The Crew Premier Plan is suitable for your permanent crew, with an extensive table of benefits. Pre-existing and chronic conditions are covered, and unless you require cover for sickpay (sick day payments) you don’t even need to fill in an application form*, just let us have some basic information about your crew members. This makes it so much easier to administer crew changes.

Crew Medical Insurance

Sick pay can be insured either for the captain alone, or for the entire crew. You can select from a range of daily payments, and the longer you defer the start date of payments the lower the additional premium will be.

Families of crew members can also be covered on this scheme at the same attractive premium rates.

*Application forms and medical declaration are required for family members, and for crew members if the boat is not insured through Pantaenius. This is in order to provide us with additional information to assess risk and ensure we safeguard this beneficial scheme for our existing clients.

Crew Basic Plan

What do you do when you want to provide your crew with the benefits of medical expenses insurance, but when you weigh up the cost and consider that your crew are fit and healthy – and you don’t know how “permanent” their employment is going to be – the premium seems too high and the risk needing the insurance too low?

Pantaenius has the answer! The Crew Basic Plan is a streamlined version of the Premier Plan, with a lower overall maximum benefit and with some benefits limited to lower individual limits. Also some of the “extras” included in the Premier Plan have been removed. Nevertheless, this plan is a very attractive benefit for your crew and of course the premium is reduced making it a very attractive option for the owner, too.

Full details of both plans are available below, and the table of benefits of makes it easy to compare the two, so that you can decide which is the most appropriate for you and for your crew.

Our partner in the Crew Medical Insurance Plans is Tokio Marine Kiln S.A.

Please contact us today for a quotation.

Details of both plans can be found here.

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